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New Pediatric Logo

The pediatric program at National Jewish Health is specifically designed for children and adolescents with allergic, pulmonary and immune system disorders. Children and their families travel from across the country to receive the high-level diagnostic and treatment offered by America’s best pediatric specialists in these disease areas.

To represent the unique patients served by the Department of Pediatrics, National Jewish Health is introducing a new name and logo.

New Logo

National Jewish Health for Kids utilizes the National Jewish Health logo and adds a multi-colored “for Kids”. The font used in the “for Kids” portion of the logo was developed using the handwriting of a former patient, Maya Patel.

Maya was a day unit patient who came to National Jewish Health with severe atopic dermatitis, and after receiving care in our Day Program left with her life transformed. After leaving National Jewish Health, Maya wrote a letter to her caregivers thanking them for the care she received.

Where did the writing come from

National Jewish Health for Kids provides unique, comprehensive, effective care that is only available at National Jewish Health, the leading respiratory hospital in the nation.

  • Unique: Unequalled expertise in respiratory immune and related conditions
  • Comprehensive: Accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans and self-management taught to kids and parents
  • Effective: A total focus on what each patient and family needs with treatments tailored to those needs that improve health and quality of life

With National Jewish Health for Kids, we have created an environment in response to the increasing demand from parents and patients for treatment of asthma, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, rhinitis, immune problems and recurrent infections—all diseases that are increasing at alarming rates throughout the country.