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Food Allergy Program (Pediatric)

NJH Kids logoThe National Jewish Health for Kids Food Allergy Program provides diagnosis, treatment and management of food allergies in infants, children, teens and college students. We also help families learn how to best manage food allergies at home and school. We strive to work with you, through shared decision making, to improve your child's and family’s quality of life in the setting of food allergy.  

Our program uses a comprehensive team approach that is often not available elsewhere. Our team includes physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, behavioral health specialists, art therapists, child life specialists and others. This team works with you, your child and your primary care physician to develop and maintain a complete treatment plan that is tailored just for your child’s needs. 

Our food allergy experts also work with families of infants who may have an increased risk of developing food allergies due to a family history of allergy, eczema or previous food reactions. We can provide strategies to help prevent food allergy development.

The National Jewish Health program has more than 50 years of experience in pediatric food allergy diagnosis, treatment and research. Our program has nationally recognized food allergy experts and has been named a “FARE Clinical Network Center of Distinction” by the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) organization.

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Why Come to National Jewish Health

  • Nationally renowned pediatric allergy and immunology doctors who specialized in pediatric food allergies
  • Multidisciplinary team addresses all aspects of food allergies
  • Our physicians developed and introduced the oral food challenge in the 1970s, which is still the accepted “gold standard” for diagnosing food allergies
  • 24/7 access to dedicated pediatric nursing staff trained in food allergy and allergic diseases
  • Individualized and hands-on patient education
  • National Jewish Health is the only Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) (Opens in a new window) Clinical Network Center of Distinction in Colorado
  • Access to clinical trials

When to Schedule an Appointment

  • Suspected food allergy or concern for developing food allergy at any age including infancy
  • Interested in strategies to prevent food allergy development in infants 
  • Help with understanding the relationship and management of eczema and food allergies 
  • Assistance in managing multiple food allergies for your child 
  • Guidance on daily life with food allergy including avoidance, reaction management, and navigating social settings like school, community events and travel safely
  • Concerns that growth and development are affected by food allergy
  • To explore food allergy treatment options

Our Services

  • Complete evaluation including a thorough medical history and physical examination
  • Multidisciplinary team addresses all aspects of food allergies
  • Food allergy testing including allergen prick skin testing and other appropriate testing
  • Food challenge procedures under the supervision of expertly trained staff to accurately diagnose or exclude food allergy
  • Behavioral health services to help integrate food allergy management into home and school environments
  • Child Life is a play-based program that helps children and families cope with illness, treatment and health care experiences
  • Art Therapy services to help children express and release stress and anxiety
  • Evaluation for other allergic conditions, including eczema (atopic dermatitis), allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • Customized, age appropriate patient education and action plans
  • Follow-up visits to address the changing needs of the patient
  • Oral immunotherapy (OIT) with PALFORZIA® for peanut allergy
  • Xolair® injections to reduce allergic reactions from accidental exposure to food allergens
  • Follow-up visits to address the changing needs 
  • 24/7 access to Nurse Phone line, 303.398.1239, for troubleshooting urgent needs  


  • Food allergy
  • Conditions related to food allergy -- eczema, anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or asthma
  • Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) -- inflammation of the digestive tract that causes vomiting and diarrhea triggered by certain foods, usually, milk, soy, rice or grains
  • Food intolerance


  • Mark Boguniewicz

    Mark Boguniewicz, MD

  • Divya Chauhan

    Divya Chauhan, MD

  • Jessica Hui Beckman

    Jessica Hui Beckman, MD

  • Bruce J. Lanser

    Bruce J. Lanser, MD, MPH

  • Michael Nevid

    Michael Nevid, MD

  • Nathan Rabinovitch

    Nathan Rabinovitch, MD, MPH

Reasons to Choose National Jewish Health

  • The leading respiratory hospital in the nation and the only one devoted fully to the treatment of respiratory and related illnesses
  • Ranked #1 or #2 in Pulmonology by U.S. News & World Report for 26 consecutive years
  • Ranked in the top 5% of hospitals in the nation by HCAHPS
  • Physicians consistently recognized among the best in the nation by multiple services, including Best Doctors in America and Castle Connolly
  • Among the top 6% of organizations funded for research by the NIH, providing patients access to hundreds of active clinical trials
  • 124-year history of focus on care, research and education serving patients from around the world with lung, heart, immune and related disorders
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