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Combination Long-Acting Bronchodilator and Anti-Inflammatory Medication

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This information was reviewed and approved by Ann Mullen, RN, CNS, AE-C, CDE, TTS, Barry J. Make, MD (1/8/2021).

These combination medications combine a LABA and anti-inflammatory medication (ICS). Anti-inflammatory medication helps reduce and prevent inflammation inside the airways. 

LABA & ICS include:

  • Advair® (fluticasone and salmeterol), Take twice daily using Discus® or MDI.

  • Breo® (fluticasone and vilanterol), Take once daily using Ellipta®.

  • Symbicort® (budesonide and formoterol), Take once daily using MDI.


Triple Combination Anti-Inflammatory, LAMA and LABA

  • Trelegy® (fluticasone, umeclidinium and vilanterol). Take once daily using Ellipta®.

  • Breztri® (budesonide, glycopyrrolate and formoterol). Take two puffs twice a day using Aerosphere®.