Many medications are available as inhaled treatments. Inhaled methods deliver medication directly to the airway, which is helpful for lung diseases. The patient and health care provider can choose from a variety of delivery systems for inhaling medication.

The Ellipta consists of a plastic device containing powdered medication. The Ellipta is breath activated. This means when you inhale, the Ellipta automatically releases the medication. When inhaled correctly, the medication has a better chance to reach the small airways. This increases the medication's effectiveness. The portable size, efficiency and convenience make the Ellipta a desirable method for inhalation treatment.

The following steps outline the best method to use the Ellipta.


Before Using a New Ellipta

  • Take the Elllipta out of the foil tray. Throw away the desiccant packet used to reduce moisture in the tray.
  • Write the tray opened and discard dates on the inhaler label. The Discard date is 6 weeks from the date you open the tray.


Taking an Inhaled Treatment

  • Wait to open the cover until you are ready to take your dose.
  • Slide the cover down. You will hear a click.
    • This will open the Ellipta so you can see the mouthpiece.
    • This will also load the medicine.
    • The counter will count down one number.
  • Your inhaler is ready to use.
  • Hold the Ellipta level and away from your mouth and gently breathe out. Never exhale into the Ellipta.
  • Seal your lips around the mouthpiece.
  • Inhale rapidly and deeply. Continue to take a full, deep breath. Do not block the air vent with your fingers.
  • Hold your breath for up to ten seconds. This allows the medication time to deposit in the airways.
  • Resume normal breathing.
  • Close the Ellipta. The mouthpiece will be hidden by the cover when closed.
  • If the medicine you are taking is Breo™ Ellipta™, rinse your mouth after taking the medicine.


Identifying When the Ellipta is Empty

  • The Ellipta has a dose indicator on the side of the device. Numbers on the dose indicator show how many doses are left.
  • When there are nine doses left in the Ellipta there will be a red square next to the number. This means the Ellipta is almost empty
  • When the red square appears without the number, the Ellipta is empty. Plan to get a new Ellipta before the dose indicator becomes a red square.


Care and Cleaning

If the mouthpiece is dirty, wipe it with a cloth. Do not put the Ellipta in water. Keep the Ellipta closed when not in use.


This information has been reviewed and approved by Ann Mullen, RN, CNS, MSN, AE-C (November 2014)