Meet Mary Elizabeth Bretz who was bullied for her eczema. Her grades suffered and she stopped her activities because of eczema. A visit to National Jewish Health was a last resort that changed her life.



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Christina: Mary Elizabeth was struggling with eczema pretty much all her life, but within the last four years has really struggled with it.

Mary Elizabeth: Well, when I first got here, I was very self conscious of myself. Going into school and everything, I always had on a hoodie and sweatpants to hide my arms and my legs. People would make fun of me at school, because I was different colors and a failing student, and soccer was taken away from me.

Christina: I finally said to our dermatologist, "If this was your daughter, what would you do?" And he said, "I'd go to National Jewish Health."

Christina: National Jewish Health has been life changing for my daughter.

Mary Elizabeth: I'm ready to come home and see my friends and my family, because they haven't seen me without pain in so long. It's made me such a happier person. I'm just ready to see what's the next step for me in this life.

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