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This information was reviewed and approved by Ann Mullen, RN, CNS, AE-C, CDE, TTS (3/1/2018).

Anaphylaxis is a systemic (whole body), life-threatening allergic reaction, and is the most severe type of allergic reaction. Fortunately, it is very rare and many people with allergies will not experience anaphylaxis. Medicines, insect stings, foods and latex can cause anaphylaxis. Epinephrine is a medicine used to treat an anaphylactic reaction. Epinephrine provides fast, reliable first-aid for an anaphylactic reactions. A special syringe that is easy to give (to yourself or someone else) is available.  If prescribed, your doctor or nurse will teach you the proper way to use it. The effects of epinephrine wear off quickly.  It is still important to get emergency medical attention right away after giving the shot.

Types of epinephrine include: