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Atopic Dermatitis Research Network (ADRN)

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Oregon Health and Science University
(Portland, OR)

Primary Investigator

Jon Hanifin, MD Jon Hanifin, MD, is Professor of Dermatology, OHSU. Dr. Hanifin is one of the foremost authorities on AD. He has focused, over many years, on leukocyte function in AD relevant to both innate and adaptive immune mechanisms. One of his important accomplishments was the development of diagnostic criteria to define AD for investigative studies that has been a widely used standard for many years. His early observations revealed a frequent association of staphylococcal infections during flares of AD. Subsequent studies demonstrated depressed cutaneous and in vitro immune responses to microbial antigens and were followed by long-term research into immune dysregulation related to cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase abnormalities in atopic leukocytes. Dr. Hanifin’s clinical research has included studies of herpes simplex and varicella/zoster virus infections as well as a wide experience with clinical trials in patients with AD.



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