What is Pediatric Behavioral Health Care at National Jewish Health?

The Pediatric Behavioral Health program at National Jewish Health for Kids is a unique program that helps children and families learn how to cope with chronic diseases and manage anxiety, depression and other conditions.





The Pediatric Behavioral Health Team at National Jewish Health is really unique because all of our clinicians get to work with individuals dealing with chronic health issues as well as work in the modality of the general mental health setting.

So in addition to chronic illness and the impact it has on children and families, we are also well versed in more traditional things like anxiety, depression, family systems issues.

We also have a pediatric day program and our behavioral health team works multidisciplinary with our physicians so every family that comes to that program has a physician and a clinician assigned to them for the duration of their stay and that allows us to address the individual in a more holistic family-centered approach.


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