Do Health Trackers Help You Lose Weight?

Logging what you eat helps you make healthier choices and counting your steps can motivate you to keep moving. Andrew Freeman, MD, director of Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness, explains how using a fitness tracker may help you reach your lifestyle goals.





These days everybody’s got some monitoring device, a wearable, a FitBit®, even your phone, none of them actually matter unless you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

The goal is really to use these devices to further enhance your sort of direction in health.

So what I always tell patients to do is to get a device that they’re comfortable with and they can use and if they want an app instead that monitors, some keep track of calories, some keep track of distance and time spent exercising and some keep track of steps.

The bottom line is, the apps, the technologies, the wearables, the monitors are all fantastic, but they need to be in the context of eating mostly unprocessed whole plant-based foods, exercising regularly for a goal of a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk activity and throughout the day trying to get 10,000 steps at the minimum and of course working on stress relief and mindfulness.

Following that plan usually does wonders.

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