Young People Can Get COVID-19

Young people can get and pass on COVID-19 explains National Jewish Health Pulmonologist and Critical Care doctor Ken Lyn-Kew, MD. Hear his reminder and warning to not only protect your health but the health of your loved ones. National Jewish Health is located in Denver and is the nation’s leading respiratory hospital.


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Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew: What I'd tell youth and teens is that just because you're young doesn't mean you're not going to get this. Does not mean you're not going to end up on a ventilator for two weeks with this. Does not mean that you can't die for this. The rates might be lower, but it can happen to you. And that would be my message to them. Not only that, teens have parents, they have grandparents, many of them live with those parents and grandparents, and they are more susceptible to this. So even if you catch this and you don't get that sick from it, your loved ones can. And we've seen plenty of those people already die in our ICUs across this country, and we don't want to see that happening over and over again.

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