Is it safe to return to regular medical appointments? Yes, at National Jewish Health we have put protective measures in place for patients and visitors as they come in for non-COVID-19 care, and created new programs to help patients access care and recover from COVID-19. Watch as physicians from different areas of our hospital explain.


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Dr. Horn
National Jewish Health is dedicated to caring for our patients, finding answers to health care problems and finding solutions that meet your needs. Even in times of uncertainty, like we’ve all experienced these last few months, we are here for you.

Regular and ongoing care is needed to manage your chronic respiratory, cardiac or immune-related illness. We are here to help and we welcome our new and established patients as we all return to our routine, including attending to regular health care needs, we are committed to keeping our patients and our staff safe, while continuing to provide the care that makes National Jewish Health the leading respiratory hospital in the nation.

Dr. Huit: We are following the best infection prevention practices, including those recommended by public health authorities such as the CDC. All patients and visitors to National Jewish Health are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering our buildings. Patients experiencing symptoms of potential infection are directed to a testing tent or are seen in designated clinic spaces, isolated from all other clinics.

Dr. George: All patients, visitors and staff are required to wear a mask and we’ll provide a mask to those that don’t already have one.

Dr. Eddy: We’ve changed our waiting areas and other common areas to provide safe social distancing. And we’ve set up hand sanitizing-stations throughout the institution. We continually deep clean our lobby, waiting areas, furniture and equipment. We clean rooms before and after every patient visit. 

Dr. Sergew: Our physicians are staying up to take with the latest research on the spread, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Researchers at National Jewish Health are leading and participating in a variety of clinical trials to find new solutions.

Dr. Zeitlin: We are also here for our youngest patients. We have established dedicated programs and space for children suffering from active COVID-19 infection, and also those who are recovering from them. We’re eager to welcome back our families who are bringing their children to Allergy/Immunology, Asthma, Pulmonary, and Behavioral Health appointments.

Dr. Beuther: We offer telehealth for some situations, and we always seek to provide the right care at the right time.

Dr. Horn: For 121 years, National Jewish Health has been providing world-class medical care for adults and children with respiratory, cardiac and immune-related disorders. We’re here when you need us and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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