Learn how to get a good scrub down hand washing using the porcupine, peacock, motorcycle rev and backscratch techniques to make sure you are not part of the 95 percent that don’t wash correctly.



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Video Transcript

Only 5% of people wash their hands thoroughly enough to remove germs.

Are you washing your hands the correct way?

Wet your hands thoroughly.

Apply a generous amount of soap.

Make some suds.

Sing the Happy Birthday song twice.

Scrub for 20 seconds.

The techniques:

The Porcupine...cleans between the fingers.

The Peacock...cleans back of hands.

The Motorcycle Rev...scrubs the thumbs

The Back Scratch...cleans fingernails.

Dry hands with a paper towel.

Use towel to turn off faucet.

Proper hand-washing reduces your chance of intestinal illness by nearly 40 percent.


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