COVID-19: Who Are the Carriers?

Do you think only the people who are infected with the 2019 coronavirus are the carriers? Pulmonologist and ICU doctor, Ken Lyn-Kew, MD, explains what you need to know about people who don’t have any symptoms but are passing on the 2019 coronavirus (asymptomatic carriers).


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Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew: Asymptomatic carriers are clearly a way that this spreads. Right? There is no ifs, ands, or buts about that anymore. And if you don't know that you have it, the only way to know that you don't pass it to somebody is to stay away from people that you can pass it to. And this goes back to the same things we talked about a couple of weeks ago when we met, wash your hands, clean around you, don't go out where you don't need to go out, don't touch your face, all those things, especially if you're asymptomatic. You might be asymptomatic, but you might leave this virus everywhere for other people to catch.

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