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Tricks for Beating Spring Allergies

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This information was reviewed and approved by Ann Mullen, AE-C, CNS, MSN, RN (2/28/2019).

Spring allergies can cause a runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and sore throats. Prevent these symptoms by taking allergy medicine before symptoms start, and by using these tips to keep spring allergy symptoms under control.

Woman using air conditioner

Cool Wisely

Use an air conditioner instead of a window or attic fan to cool your house.

Black mold on a wall being sprayed

Prevent Molds

Avoid humidifiers and swamp coolers, because they can add molds into your home.

Dog getting a bath

Clean Up

When you come in from outside, remove clothing and wash or shower to remove pollen from your skin and hair. Also wash your pets after they’ve been outside to reduce pollen they bring in to the home.

Netty pot

Nasal Wash

Using a saline nasal wash can improve breathing by rinsing pollen, dust and other debris out of your nose and loosening thick mucus.

Woman standing with hair being blown

Block Wind

Use a scarf or mask over your mouth and nose to prevent breathing in pollen and dust on windy days.

Trees and pollen of the forest

Allergy Triggers

Spring pollen allergies are from trees and grasses; weeds bring summer allergies. Molds can be a problem during mid-summer in warmer states and year-round in southern and western states.

Woman tending to her garden

Garden Carefully

Avoid breathing in fertilizer and pesticide chemicals. Keep away from piles of moldy leaves and branches. Have someone else mow the lawn. Wear an allergy mask outdoors to reduce exposure to allergens.

Pollen particles in the spring sky

Count Pollens

Watch local pollen counts. Stay inside during afternoons and evenings when pollen counts are highest.

Man staring out his window cheerfully

Close Windows

Keep home and car windows closed when pollen counts are high and during sleep.

Hands holding an allergy tablet

Take Medication

Consistently take doctor-recommended medicines and treatments.