Healthy Snacking

It's a common misconception that snacking during the day will cause weight gain. While poor snacking habits might cause weight gain, healthy choices can actually help with weight loss. Snacking is also a good way to satisfy hunger and boost your mood and energy throughout the day.

Try these ten healthy snack tips to help curb your hunger throughout the day:

  1. Vegetables Select fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks. They're rich in fiber and water, making them filling but low in calories.
  2. Aim for multiple food groups in each snack. 
  3. Beware of the biggest calorie culprits when it comes to snacks. Candies, cookies, chips, and other foods that are high in sugar and fats but low in nutrients.
  4. Plan out your eating habits. A good routine is to have two or three snacks a day with one between each of your three main meals of the day.
  5. Avoid mindless eating. Try to find something else to keep you busy.
  6. Be conscientious of portion size. While many people can recognize which foods are healthier than others, it is easy to forget that large portions of a healthy food can be unhealthy.
  7. Stay well-hydrated throughout the day. Often, thirst can be mistaken for hunger.
  8. Substitute other beverages for soda. The average twelve-ounce can of soda contains ten teaspoons of sugar.
  9. Chew gum in between meals. The act of chewing gum may satisfy your hunger and keep you from thinking about eating. 
  10. Brush your teeth earlier than normal.


This information has been approved by Emily McCloud, MS, RD  (June 2012).

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