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Favorite Links

Eric Martz Chime provides instruction and add-ons.

Double Twist offers laboratory molecular biology (DNA, RNA & protein), cell biology and immunology protocols listed by category. Protocols are submitted from a variety of sources including individual scientists and biotech firms. Site employs a search engine.

The Affymetrix® offers technical information about their spotted array technology, product information, scientific publications and movies showing the technology in use.

Nolan Lab: Retroviral Systems a Stanford University informational page outlining the uses of retrovirus as a delivery system. This site is in development and currently gives some example protocols.

Andersons's webalog is a product database to facilitate locating organisms, media, chemicals, antibodies and other reagents, kits, supplies and equipment. Targeted to life sciences, biotechnology firms and clinics, each section contains a multi-parameter search engine.

Please check back soon. We will be adding education, technology, biology and funding links.