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The files to use the program we used to analyze the TCR alpha sequences include:

  1. Description of MKion program.docx – a description of the MKion Program.

  2. MKion.exe – a TurboPascal 7 executable version of the MKion program that runs on computers with Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.

  3. A folder with the Turbo Pascal 7 uncompiled Main MKion Program (MKion.pas) and associated MK program units (Direct.pas and General.pas). Other units (DOS,CRT and Strings) are supplied with the Turbo Pascal package.

  4. The program and input files required for Valpha (MOVA-B6.VDB) and Jalpha (MOJA.JDB) identification.

  5. A folder with a sample Ion Torrent output in Fasta format (Example of Input.FA) and outputs (Example of an analyzed file VaJaCDR3.FA) and (Example of an analyzed file VaJaCDR3.TXT) and an intermediate file (example of Clean.FA) created by MKion during the analysis.

Program by SH Krovi to correct CDR3 errors

Program by SH Krovi to measure amino acid useage in CDR3