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Colorado Cystic Fibrosis Research & Development Program

Program Overview

The Colorado CF RDP brings together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from across affiliated institutions, with the central goal of advancing our understanding of NTM in the CF airway, within the framework of CF Center care, spanning all ages and stages of disease progression. This Program includes support for basic and translational studies, and expands the first-ever prospective clinical trials of CF-specific diagnostic and treatment protocols for NTM disease. More importantly, the unique core services of the RDP are extended to CF patients, clinicians and researchers nationwide.

One of the greatest unmet needs for CF patients and providers is an evidence-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of NTM.

Through the support of the CF Foundation, we have established the “Colorado CF Research Development Program” with a unifying scientific theme of “nontuberculous mycobacteria in cystic fibrosis”.

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The Pilot Grant Program is integral to successfully meeting the aims of the Colorado RDP, and is a principal mechanism to promote new research focused on diagnosis and treatment of NTM in the CF airway.

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Education & Training

The mission of the Research Training and Educational Enrichment Program is to provide trainees with the professional and research skills to lead sustained and productive academic research careers in CF and NTM infections.

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Faculty & Staff



NTM Culture, Biorepository and Coordinating Core

Associate Director


Molecular Core

Director of the Pilot Grant Program


Clinical Core