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Colorado Cystic Fibrosis Research & Development Program

Education & Training

Research Training and Educational Enrichment Program (RTEEP)

The RTEEP is a central component of the proposed Colorado CF RDP. The Colorado CF community has a very strong record of success in attracting new trainees to the field of CF and mentorship. Our overall goal is to provide trainees with the professional and research skills to lead sustained and productive academic research careers in CF and NTM infections.

The Colorado RTEEP offers accredited fellowship training programs, premiere academic institutions committed to clinical and translational research in CF and NTM infections, and a strong nucleus of mentors to successfully guide trainees into careers in academic medicine. Within our Program, trainees gain skills necessary for diagnosing NTM infection, including exposure to state-of-the-art mycobacterial and molecular diagnostic testing, phenotyping of NTM disease using lung physiology testing and advanced chest imaging, experience with biospecimen collection and biomarker assessment, as well as involvement in a collaborative interdisciplinary Program. Multiple high quality trainees have been involved in CF and NTM research projects resulting in a substantial number of conference presentations, grants and publications. Several trainees are in academic positions with continuing research and clinical care in CF, NTM, lung infection and inflammation.


Graduate and Postdoctoral Training Opportunties at the University of Colorado and National Jewish Health

The Colorado CF RDP has well established accredited fellowship training programs in both pediatric pulmonary and adult pulmonary and critical care medicine. The pediatric and adult CF programs are integral components of these longstanding fellowship training programs. Both fellowship programs are funded in part through the NIH T32 mechanism. And we have successfully sponsored many fellows over the years through CFF Clinical Fellowship Training Awards.

The Division of Mycobacterial and Respiratory Infections at National Jewish offers training in mycobacterial research to individuals who are interested in specializing in the care and research of mycobacterial infections through the Lowerre Mycobacterial Fellowship.

The institutional environment of our Colorado RDP is of extraordinarily high quality with numerous training opportunities in clinical, translational and basic research available to ensure training excellence and promote career development.

The Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI) is the academic home to help transform the clinical and translational research and training efforts at the University of Colorado Denver and affiliated institutions. The CCTSI was created in 2008 with funding from the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) initiative of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). There are numerous training opportunities (Clinical Sciences Graduate Program, Clinical Faculty Scholars Program, Leadership in Innovative Team Science, CCTSI Nuts and Bolts Seminar Series, K Club Seminar Series) and resources (TL1 (T32) Pre-Doctoral Training Awards for PhD Students, KL2 (K12) Research Scholar Award) available through the CCTSI that will benefit trainees in our Center.

The Clinical Science Graduate Program provides a formal and structured educational program in the clinical and translational sciences including formal mentoring with interdisciplinary faculty working in the clinical sciences. Both Masters and Doctoral (PhD) degrees are available through this program.

The Colorado School of Public Health offers a broad curriculum and multiple graduate degrees to promote the physical, mental, social and environmental health of people and communities in the Rocky Mountain West and globally.