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Test Number Test Name
CEOSR Circulating Eosinophils, Random
CHIKS Precipitin Chicken Serum IgG
CHOL Cholesterol
CHTX Neutrophil Chemotaxis
CIC Circulating Immune Complexes (C1q-binding and C3d)
CKMBL Creatine Kinase MB
CL Chloride
CM50 Classical Complement Pathway Activity (CH50)
CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
CMVC Rapid CMV culture, urine
CMVR Rapid CMV culture
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
COCDR Precipitin Cockatiel Droppings IgG
COKDR Precipitin Cockatoo Droppings IgG
COLPT Lymphocyte proliferation to Cobalt
CPK Creatine Phosphokinase
CRCLR UR Creatinine Clearance 24 Hour
CREAT Creatinine
CRLPT Lymphocyte proliferation to Chromium-Blood
CXBLD Blood culture
CXDWD Deep wound culture
CXFLD Fluid Culture
CXFUN Fungal culture
CXGRA Group A Strep Culture
CXHSV Herpes simplex virus (HSV) culture
CXLEG Legionella culture
CXMYC Mycoplasma pneumoniae culture
CXRES Respiratory culture
CXSTO Stool culture
CXSWD Superficial wound culture
CXTHR Throat or Nasal culture
CXTIP Catheter Tip Culture
CXURI Urine culture
DHR Dihydrorhodamine Oxidation
DSDNA Anti-Double-stranded DNA antibody
ENA6 Extractable nuclear antigens
ENPCR Enterovirus by PCR
ENVCX Environmental Culture and Identification for Acid Fast Bacilli
ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
FBF Factor B Function
FBL Factor B Level
FDF Factor D Function
FERR Ferritin
FHAB Factor H Autoantibody
FHF Complement Factor H Function
FHL Factor H (B1H) Level
FIL Factor I Level
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