Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories

Molecular Genomics: Where Personalized Medicine Transforms Clinical Care

With the establishment of the Molecular Genomics department in 2007, National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories continues its tradition of innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and immune disorders. A facilitator and driver of personalized medicine, Advanced Diagnostics Laboratories is an integral part of National Jewish Health’s unique translational research culture, where world-class researchers and clinicians collaborate together to transform health care.


Molecular Genomics: Personalizing Medicine and Therapy

Advanced Diagnostics Laboratories offers a broad array of high-complexity molecular diagnostic tests that help clinicians tailor treatments based on their patients’ genetic profiles. This expertise is available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who wish to incorporate the latest advances in molecular genomics into their own drug and diagnostic test development programs.


Molecular Genomic Tests

  • Infectious disease tests: Rapid, highly sensitive identification of the genetic signatures of disease-causing pathogens

  • Pharmacogenomic tests: Therapy selection and prediction of drug toxicity and dosing

  • Prognostic tests: Identification of patients likely to remain stable and patients likely to progress to serious disease

  • Genetic tests: Diagnosis of the genetic causes of diseases, including Cystic Fibrosis, Primary Immunodeficiency, Atopic Dermatitis and Complement Disorders

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Molecular Genomic Services

  • Biomarker discovery and validation: Genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, proteomic and metabolomic biomarker discovery and validation.

  • Biomarker and diagnostics clinical trials: Utilization of National Jewish Health’s clinical and research expertise, as well as a biorepository that contains tissue, fluid and DNA from more than 85,000 patient samples. This repository is linked via a searchable database to National Jewish Health’s electronic medical record (EMR).

  • CLIA lab services: Partnerships with companies that want to outsource their diagnostic testing (proprietary and non-proprietary).

  • Development of novel diagnostics: Partnerships with pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies to translate “omic” biomarkers into Laboratory Developed Tests (LTDs) and in vitro diagnostic tests (IVD).

  • Observational biomarker studies: Longitudinal follow-up of patients for specific sets of “omic” biomarkers and correlation with clinical phenotype.

  • Technology benchmarking and co-development: Deep expertise in the evaluation and implementation of PCR, qPCR, microarray, Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing technologies. Learn more about ADx Molecular Technologies