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Test Number Test Name
PKMPK 12 HR Methylprednisolone Kinetics
PKMXF Moxifloxacin Level
PKPDK 6-Hour Prednisolone Kinetics
PKPZA Pyrazinamide Level
PKRFB Rifabutin Level
PKRIF Rifampin Level
PKSM Streptomycin Level
PKSTM Cortisol Stimulation
PPCOV COVID-19, Rapid PCR (On-Site/Point-of-Care use only)
PR3 Anti-Proteinase 3 antibody IgG
PREG HCG, Qualitative
PT2 Prothrombin Time (PT and INR)
PTHWC Parathyroid Hormone, Intact with Calcium, serum
PTT2 Activated Partial Thromboplastin (APTT)
PVZV Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) by PCR
QFT4 QuantiFERON -TB Gold Plus In-Tube
RENAL Renal Function Panel
RF Rheumatoid Factor
RFLU Rapid Influenza A/B (On-Site/Point-of-Care use only)
RHVS Rapid herpes culture
RNP Anti-RNP Antibodies
RSTPA Rapid Group A Strep Test ((On-Site/Point-of-Care use only)
RVPCR Respiratory Viral Panel
RVZ Varicella zoster culture
SC5B9 SC5b-9 Level - terminal complement complex
SCL70 Anti-Scl-70
SIGE Immunoglobulin E (IgE), Specific
Sm RNP Anti-Smith/RNP Antibodies
Sm Anti-Smith Antibodies
SMRSA Rapid MRSA Detection, Skin
SPECP Precipitin Preparation Special Ag
SPELE High Resolution Protein Electrophoresis, serum
SPEOS Sputum Eosinophils
SQCOV COVID-19 Spike Protein Semi-Quantitative IgG Antibody detection by ELISA, Serum (SQCOV)
SSP12 Scleroderma (Systemic sclerosis) Panel 12
SWT Sweat Test
TBNK T,B, and NK Cells
TBSUB Tand B Cell Subsets
TCR Alpha Beta and Gamma Delta T Cells
TH1 TH1 Cytokine 4 Plex Panel by Luminex
TH17C Interferon Gamma and IL-17 Producing CD4 T Cells by Flow Cytometry
TH2 Th2 Cytokine 4 Plex Panel By Luminex
THEO Theophylline, Serum
THPA Th1/Th2 Panel A
THPB TH1/TH2 Panel B
THYR Anti-Thyroglobulin antibody
THYRP Thyroid Panel
TIBC Total Iron Binding Capacity
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