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Test Number Test Name
TNFA TNFa by Luminex
TP Total Protein
TPO Anti Thyroid Peroxidse
TRECS Recent Thymic Emigrants Assay
TRIG Triglyceride, Serum
TROPL Troponin I
TRYPT Tryptase Level
TSPOT Tuberculosis Interferon Gamma Release Assay
TT4 Thyroxine, Total, serum
TUP T-Uptake
TVULG Precipitin T. Vulgaris IgG
UACOM Urinalysis, Automated (Reflexmicroscopic & Culture)
UAMIC Urinalysis, Automated with Microscopy
UCA24 Calcium, Urine, 24 Hour
UCAR Calcium, Urine, Random
UCL24 Chloride, Urine, 24 Hour
UCLR Chloride, Urine, Random
UCR24 Creatinine, Urine, 24 Hour
UCRER Creatinine, Urine, Random
UDG12 Drugs of Abuse 12 Panel, Urine-Screen Only
UEOS Eosinophils, Urine
UGL24 Glucose, Urine, 24 Hour
UGLUR Glucose, Urine, Random
UK24 Potassium, Urine, 24 Hour
UKR Potassium, Urine, Random
ULYTE Electrolytes, Urine, Random
UNA24 Sodium, Urine, 24 Hour
UNAR Sodium, Urine, Random
UPELE High Resolution Protein Electrophoresis, urine
UPH24 Phosphorous, Urine, 24 Hour
UPHOR Phosphorus, Urine, Random
UPREG Urine HCG, Qualitative
URIC Uric Acid, Serum
UTP24 Total Protein, Urine, 24 Hour
UTPR Total Protein, Urine, Random
UUA24 Uric Acid, Urine, 24 Hour
UUAR Uric Acid, Urine, Random
UUN24 Urea Nitrogen, Urine, 24 Hour
UUNR Urea Nitrogen, Urine, Random
VB12 Vitamin B12
VEGFD Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor D
VETCX Smear, Culture, and Identification of M. tuberculosis complex
VITDT Vitamin D Total
WBMIT, LSTM Lymphocyte Proliferation to PWM Mitogen
XBCP Extended B Cell Panel
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