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Test Number Test Name
C1RL C1r Level
C1SL C1s Level
C2F C2 Function
C2L C2 Level
C3 Complement 3 Level
C3AR C3a Level By RIA
C3C4 C3/C4 Level Panel
C3F C3 Function
C3GN Panel C3Gn - C3 Glomerulopathy C3GN, DDD or Unknown Subclass
C3NF C3 Nephritic Factor
C4 Complement 4 Level
C4AR C4a Level By RIA
C4F C4 Function
C5AR C5a Level By RIA
C5F C5 Function
C5L C5 Level
C6F C6 Function
C6L C6 Level
C7F C7 Function
C7L C7 Level
C8F C8 Function
C8L C8 Level
C9F C9 Function
C9L C9 Level
CA Calcium
CAND Precipitin Candida IgG
CANDR Precipitin Canary Droppings IgG
CBCND CBC With Platelet and Auto Non-Differential
CBCWD CBC With Platelet and Auto Differential
CCP Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide
CD11A CD11a
CD11B CD11b
CD11C CD11c
CD18 CD18
CD1920 CD19/CD20
CD19B CD19+ B Cells
CD20 CD20 Assay
CD203 IgE Receptor Antibody
CD348 Total T and T Cell Subsets
CD40L CD40 Ligand
CD46 CD46 Expression
CD48 T Cell Subsets
CD4TH T Helper Cells
CEOS6 Circulating Eosinophils, 6 hour
CEOSB Circulating Eosinophils, Baseline
CEOSR Circulating Eosinophils, Random
CH50 Classical Complement Pathway Activity
CHIKS Precipitin Chicken Serum IgG
CHOL Cholesterol
CHTX Neutrophil Chemotaxis
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