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Morgridge Academy

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Special Programs: Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education is an extremely important part of our school program with an emphasis on success for all students. All students participate in daily physical education classes that include a variety of gym classes and swim classes. Each child's exercise capabilities and limitations are taken into consideration and monitored to ensure a safe environment.

  • Improved self-care of illness during participation
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Attainment of individual skills (e.g. serving a volleyball)
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Appropriate peer interactions


  • Being prepared for class (swimsuit/gym shoes)
  • A willingness to participate and a positive attitude
  • Good sportsmanship (no teasing or name-calling)
  • Stay safe, have FUN!


Swimming Classes

The swimming program has four components: instructional swim classes; lap swimming; swimming relay races; and "free swim" time. All students receive weekly instruction in basic swim skills ranging from beginners (Level 1) to Junior Lifeguarding (Level 8). When not working on their swim lessons, the students practice swimming "crawl stroke" laps to improve their endurance in the water. Once a month, they participate in a 20 minute lap swim where they attempt to swim as many laps as possible and try to beat their own "personal record". The results of their efforts are posted outside the P.E. office for the whole school to see. Occasionally, a swim relay class is held to reinforce their swim skills. Free swim" is a time for the children to enjoy unstructured play time in the pool.


Sports Skills Units

A different sport skill unit is covered each month for students in grades 2-8 with a focus on building individual skills and encouraging cooperation among peers. The sports units include: whiffleball/softball; newcomb/volleyball; ultimate/flag football; floor hockey; basketball; soccer; and Field Day practice. Kindergarten and 1st grade students play a variety of easy-to-learn games including: freeze tag; Pac-man; steal-the-bacon; fruit basket, etc.. Twice a year, the school participates in a modified Fitness Test, which includes: a 9-minute walk/run; 1 minute sit-up; and sit and reach components. The end of the year results are compared with those from the beginning of the school year to measure the increases in physical conditioning.


Field Day

During the final month of school, our annual Field Day is held on the lawn in front of the school. This event encourages all students to have fun while participating in a variety of individual and team-relay activities that are both competitive and non-competitive in nature. A bubble-gum relay race, shoe kick, water balloon toss, and a standing long jump are just a few of the day's activities.