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Coronavirus: Information & Resources

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Reviewed by Nathan Rabinovitch, MD 

Pediatric COVID-19: Treatment

Treating Children with COVID-19

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the infectious disease COVID-19. Currently, there are a variety of medications being used and studied to treat children diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Antibiotics will not help. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections; they do not work against viruses, including the COVID-19 virus or the infectious disease it causes, COVID-19. Taking an antibiotics will not prevent your child from developing COVID-19.

Research is ongoing in search of a vaccine or medication to prevent and treat coronavirus. Learn about potential medications and treatments for coronavirus here and visit the CDC for the latest information.

Most children who have mild symptoms of suspected or identified COVID-19 can recover with care at home. If your kid has an increased risk of severe disease, your doctor will address the need for any additional care.

Home treatment is about relieving symptoms for children and may include:

  • Staying home from school and away from others in the house

  • Resting

  • Drinking extra fluids to prevent dehydration

  • Using doctor recommended over-the-counter medications

  • Watching symptoms and reporting any that do not improve

  • Wearing a mask if the sick child needs to be around others

  • Using a separate bathroom from family members


It’s important to protect yourself and other kids and family members by:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces the sick child touches (wear gloves)

  • Keeping other family members away from the sick child

  • Wearing a facemask when caring for a sick child

Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting.


Helping Your Child Manage Stress Due to the Virus

Filter what your child hears and sees from the news and social media. Help your kid understand what the news stories are about and that doctors and scientists are learning about the virus as fast as they can so they can find ways to treat people who have the disease and protect others from getting it.

Help your child understand that washing hands often, coughing and sneezing into a tissue, on their sleeve or into their elbow, helps your child protect others. Also getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods will help your kid stay healthy.

Learn more about your mental health and COVID-19 and get tips for handling COVID-19 stress.



The information on our website is medically reviewed and accurate at the time of publication. Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, information may have since changed. and your state’s health department may offer additional guidance.