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FAMLI and PTO Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for FAMLI? 

The State of Colorado determines eligibility for FAMLI benefits. Generally, you will qualify if you have earned $2,500 in wages in Colorado in the past year. Individuals will want to contact the state to confirm their eligibility.   

When can I use FAMLI? 

You can apply for FAMLI benefits when you are caring for a new child, taking care of your own serious health condition, caring for a family member’s serious health condition, making arrangements for a family member’s military deployment, or obtaining assistance in response to domestic violence or assault.  

We encourage individuals to contact the state with questions and apply for benefits.  

Can I take FAMLI intermittently? 

Yes, FAMLI can be taken intermittently, in a single block of time, or as a reduced schedule.  

How do I apply for FAMLI? 

Individuals can apply at (Opens in a new window).  

I have questions about my FAMLI application.  How do I contact the state? 

Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (Mountain Time)

I don’t work in Colorado. What happens when I go out on leave? 

Employees who work outside of Colorado may have access to benefits in the state where they work. Also, effective 01/01/2024, all National Jewish Health employees are enrolled in a 100% employer-paid short-term disability plan, which you may qualify for while on leave. Please get in touch with the Benefits Dept with questions.  

What does the new short-term disability plan cover? 

Short-term disability replaces a portion of your income if an injury or illness forces you out of work for an extended period.


How much does the Short-Term Disability plan cost, and what is the benefit coverage? 

National Jewish Health provides basic short-term disability coverage to employees at no cost, and enrollment is automatic. If you are out of work for two weeks (14-day waiting period) and are declared disabled, you can receive 60% of your base earnings, up to a weekly maximum of $3,000. 


How do I submit a short-term disability claim?

To submit a claim for short-term disability, employees may contact New York Life at 1-800-644-5567 or file their claim electronically at (Opens in a new window)

How does FAMLI work with FMLA? 

In most circumstances, FAMLI and FMLA will run concurrently.   

Who should I contact with questions about FMLA?

Employees can contact the National Jewish Health Benefits depart at 303-398-1740 with questions.  If you are ready to initiate a FMLA leave request, please reach out to New York Life @ 1-800-644-5567 or (Opens in a new window)

When do the new PTO accrual rates begin? 

The new PTO accrual rates began on 02/01/2024. Accruals are added when payroll is completed, and you will see the first new accrual in the first week of February. 

What’s my accrual rate? 

Years of Service



PTO Bank Hours Maximum

Maximum Days Accrued Per Year

Accrual Rate Per hour

Maximum Days Accrued Per Year

Accrual Rate Per hour


18 days


23 days




23 days


25 days




28 Days


28 days




29 Days


30 days




30 days


32 days




What happens to my current sick leave balance that I have accrued? 

A temporary sick bank has been created to assist with the PTO transition. This bank is populated with up to 40 hours from your current sick leave balance. You can continue to use the temporary sick bank for illness, injury, and doctor’s appointments.  

The temporary sick bank may be used through June 30, 2024.  

At that time, your remaining sick leave balance will be transferred to the new Extended Illness Bank (EIB).   

When can I use the Extended Illness Bank (EIB)? 

Employees can use their EIB balances when they are on approved leave, such as FMLA and FAMLI, and in conjunction with the Funeral Leave Policy EIB is entered into Kronos by the Benefits Department. 

I missed three work days for a cold; can I use EIB? 

No, EIB can only be used when you are on an approved leave of absence.  

I had to stay home and care for a family member who was sick; can I use EIB?

You could use your EIB accruals if the illness qualifies for FAMLI or FMLA. Otherwise, you would use PTO.    

Do I have to use PTO or EIB when on a leave of absence? 

No, employees have a choice about using their PTO and EIB accruals while on leave.  If you receive wage replacement benefits through FAMLI or short-term disability, PTO can be used to make your income whole, but you must notify Human Resources.

Still have questions?  Please contact the Benefits Department at or call to speak to a benefits representative at ext. 1740. 

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