Morgridge Academy

Letter from Our Principal at Morgridge Academy

Jennifer McCullough, Director of EducationWelcome to Morgridge Academy at National Jewish Health. 

As a new school year begins, our staff has found that many parents are even more excited than the students, and not just for the usual reasons. Morgridge Academy represents a level of comfort, safety, and security for the medically at-risk child, which is difficult to find in the average school. Parents recognize this level of excellence at Morgridge Academy and want their children in this type of school environment.

Morgridge Academy is much more than just a "school." Morgridge Academy represents an educational concept, which allows students to grow, develop, and learn at their maximum ability in a warm, friendly, and caring environment. Children from all over the Denver metro area attend Morgridge Academy for the whole child educational experience. Each child's medical health is a top priority, but we also focus on their social and physical growth as well as academic excellence. It is no surprise that a child's confidence level blossoms in the Morgridge Academy environment.

As of August of 2015, we will be changing our main teaching method to Project and Problem Based Learning, or PBL, to help students learn better. A project motivates students to gain knowledge, and they remember it longer. Projects give students the chance to apply the skills they learn in school to personally relevant and real-world situations. Children also learn skills in PBL such as how to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, and make presentations. These skills will help students succeed in the future, both in school and in today’s work world.  

Morgridge Academy is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports school where students have the opportunity to learn and practice good social behaviors. Children learn that socially acceptable behavior allows them and their classmates to focus on education, rather than being concerned about socially inappropriate behavior and the consequences that follow.

Morgridge Academy has in place the Promethean Interactive White Board Technology that allows each child to experience academic opportunities in the classroom. We have also been able to go 1:1 with electronic devices for students who have the opportunity to use iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks.  With this new technology, math blocks, and other daily activities, it is understandable why everyone is excited about the new school year. When we combine opportunity with good instruction, every child receives the individual attention they deserve.

Please feel welcome to contact the school if you want more information or, if you would like, an on-site tour.                                



Jennifer McCullough
Director of Education