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C3a is a one of the peptides (complement split products) formed by the cleavage of complement component 3. C3a is an anaphylatoxin that triggers a response by stimulating inflammatory cells to release histamine, enzymes, cytokines and other mediators. Through these mediators C3a can induce changes in the vascular permeability and local blood flow.  It has been shown to be a chemoattractant for eosinophils, and the form C3a desArg is also known as ASP (Acylation Stimulating Protein), a peptide that participates in fatty acid metabolism.

Methods for Measuring C3a

Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
The RIA technique is a sensitive and specific competitive inhibition in vitro assay that utilizes 125-iodine labeled C3a and anti-C3a antibodies. At Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories, the C3a RIA technique is the default method for patient diagnostics, preferred in order to maintain continuity of results for our customers who follow patients over time.

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The ELISA method is sensitive and specific for C3a, using monoclonal anti-C3a antibodies to capture C3a on the 96-well ELISA plate, and a second enzyme-linked anti-C3a antibody for detection. The color produced by the reaction of the enzyme is proportional to the amount of C3a in each well of the plate.

The C3ALE ELISA assay is performed by request. Please contact client services if you would like to measure C3a for a study you are conducting.