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Suicide Awareness

Suicidal Phone Call; What to Do

Download: Suicidal Call form

  1. Complete Suicide Assessment: Outpatient Assessment  |  Inpatient Assessment

  2. Say one of the following if they allow you to talk;

    • Will you please stay on the phone with me while I get someone who is trained to help you…

    • I would like you stay on the phone with me while I get the Social Worker…

    • Please let me help you by getting someone to speak with you…

      • Remember to stay calm and breathe. The Social Worker or Nursing Supervisor will help the patient, just keep them talking until you are provided with the number to transfer to by your team member.

  3. Using your alert system notify your neighbor to call one of the following; if no answer move on to the next number.

    • Adult Patient

      • Elizabeth (Social Worker) 720.382.9976

      • Rachel (Social Worker) 303.359.0389 

      • Nursing Supervisor 720.240.1477

    • Pediatric Patient

      • Pediatric Care Unit x1239

      • Nursing Supervisor 720.240.1477

  4. Keep the patient on the phone and live transfer to the extension provided by Social Worker or Nursing Supervisor.

    • *You can opt to say I am transferring you to someone who can help or just transfer and let the Social Worker or Nurse begin speaking with the patient.  

    • Complete the following, if possible:

      • What number does it show the patient is calling from?

      • Where do they say they are?

      • What is the patient’s name?

      • What did they say?