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Service Excellence

Patient Comments

“I couldn't believe how caring Dr. Pacheco was. She was so intense into my whole being, not just about the medical issue I was seeing her, but talked to me like a friend wanting to get to know who I was. If she could be my primary care doctor, I would be there. My own doctor of several years doesn't know me as well as Dr. Pacheco covered in one day.  I sing praises to her, she was wonderful. Thank You”  Received 3/25/2021

“Dr. Otsu is fantastic.” Received 3/24/21

“Dr Woodrow is very knowledgeable of my condition, a thoughtful listener, and a very pleasant person. I enjoy my visits with him and trust him, without question, with my care. Thank you Dr Woodrow.” Received 3/19

“Dr. Woodrow is fantastic at listening to my concerns and working them into my care plan. I would not go to anyone else!” 3/19

“Dr. Sergew is always attentive and listens really well. She even laughs at my stupid stories!” 3/26/21

“I think one of the strengths of this provider is not only their own knowledge, but also having the humility to explain when something is not in their expertise and then finding another doctor to join them in the process to find an answer. In the past, I have gone to doctors (not associated with this hospital) that, while well-meaning, dismissed things that they didn't know or just made assumptions. This actually caused a lot of problems and was part of the reason for a delay in proper treatment. I think saying, ‘I don't know, but let's find someone to continue helping us,’ is actually a tremendous strength for a doctor. Also, it's nice to know that they'll be in the process of helping me continue to find answers through testing, rather than moving on as quickly as possible, even if the problem may not be directly related to their own research interests. No one person knows everything, but knowing how to navigate that reality is a huge strength to finding answers.” Patient saw Dr. Mohing 3/9/21

“I am always impressed by the communication with NJH. Even before I was a patient, I used the Lung Line and was amazed that I received truly helpful answers from informed people. Also, the online portal is a great resource for days when it is difficult to be on the phone. I really appreciate this tool.” Received 3/21/21

“I am a longtime patient at National Jewish for respiratory and autoimmune diseases.  I appreciate the four (4) specialists whom I see there.  The level of care is unsurpassed. .  .  Have communicated by web portal several times - excellent response.  .  .  . Nurse very informed and took time to explain everything related to my question.” Dr. Lockhart patient, seen 2/10

“ the appointment with Dr Amigues was a very positive and constructive.  I really liked how she took the time to explain every component of how the path will go.  She is very passionate about her job and it shows.  Very happy to have met her.” Received 3/17/21

“We were very impressed with Dr. Chhabra. She spent a lot of time learning about our challenging issues, and respectfully and thoroughly addressed each of them. We did not have wait times, and most importantly felt heard and understood. .  .  This was our best medical experience of many visits elsewhere!   We were very impressed by the lack of wait time for a variety of services during our visit.” Received 3/31/2021

“I am from out of town (live in Casper, WY). I was provided with a detailed schedule of the times & places, which I appreciate very much. *Emily Moey provided excellent service when providing the detailed schedule.” Received 3/17/21

“Schedulers are very helpful organizing my multiple different appts. for tests and timing appt. drive about 1.5 hrs.  The nurses are very quick to call and I use the portal messaging - I love it!” Received 3/21/21

“Patty George is a fine fine Doctor and I believe that without her I would not be alive today!!!!! She is definitely an asset to any health care team!” Received 4/25

“Even on a busy, crazy Monday - National Jewish does an excellent job checking folks in and moving them on their way to clinics or tests.  I do think April 12th was a little too busy and folks were way too crowded in view of COVID precautions.  I have rarely had anything but the best attitude and help from all NJ Staff.” Received 4/21

“I was taken straight into exam room - nurse in [Dr. Griffith’s] clinic is outstanding from arrival till department - very thorough .  .  . Once again she is outstanding - pleasant and very knowledgeable about conditions and medication.  Received and gained so much knowledge about medications/inhalers from her.”
“Scheduling staff and Megan were super efficient, friendly and accommodating.” GI patient seen 4/5



Opportunities for Improvement:

“I understand that there may be a staff shortage but I have had to call on average of 3 to 5 times to get an appointment or a nurse to call me back.   I am patient and trusting of the treatment plan once it has been decided but would appreciate faster communication which can be by email as well as phone conversation.  Please just more timely as I travel from Kentucky to be seen.”  ID patient, seen 10/21

“NJH communication is often a very involved & de-personalized experience.  I always have to have a message via the portal or phone wait at least a day or more for a response, & often my request is mis-understood.” Main campus.