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Medical Staff Services

Bylaws, P&Ps, and Legal Notices


Credentialing Policies and Procedures

Required Posting of Language from SB 21-126:

(2)        (a) Within seven calendar days after a carrier receives an application, the carrier shall provide the applicant a receipt in written or electronic form.
            (b) Upon receiving an application, a carrier shall promptly determine whether the application is complete. If the carrier determines that the application is incomplete, the carrier shall notify the applicant in writing or by electronic means that the application is incomplete within ten calendar days after the date the carrier received the application.  The notice must describe the items that are required to complete the application.
            (c) If a carrier receives a completed application but fails to provide the applicant a receipt in written or electronic form within seven calendar days after receiving the application, as required by subsection (2)(a) of this section, the carrier shall consider the applicant a participating physician, effective no later than fifty-three calendar days following the carrier’s receipt of the application.

(10)      The commissioner shall enforce this section and may promulgate such rules as are necessary for the implementation of this section.  Upon receiving more than one complaint from an applicant or a participating physician alleging a violation of this section by a carrier, the commissioner shall investigate the complaints.  A carrier that fails to comply with this section or with any rules adopted pursuant to this section is subject to such civil penalties as the commissioner may order pursuant to section 10-1-310.