Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly and healthy school environment committed to whole-child development.

Our philosophy is that our staff is committed to providing a unique environment that nurtures the individual medial, physical, emotional, and educational needs of the child. We provide a short term placement where students and parents learn to manage the child's chronic illness. 


Experienced and Qualified Faculty

Classroom teachers at Morgridge Academy hold master's degrees in a variety of educational fields and are teacher certified by the State of Colorado. The majority of the teaching staff have extensive experience working with students who have asthma or other medical illnesses. Our staff is structured and fair in its teaching approach. We believe that structure promotes security, which enables students to develop a positive, responsible attitude toward life and school.


Individual Academic Attention With CDE Approved Curriculum

Students enrolled in the Morgridge Academy follow an academic program augmented by arts and athletic offerings. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad-based education which emphasizes state standards while encouraging work for students in areas of special interest and competence. Small classes of 12 - 15 students encourage both group and individual learning experiences. Morgridge Academy is an accredited CDE Facility School and we follow the Colorado State curriculum in order to make the transition back to public school easier for the student.