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The Fund to Cure Asthma at National Jewish Health

The Fund to Cure Asthma (FTCA) was founded by Nancy & James Berry Hill and Marjorie & Stephen Raphael in 1994 to raise critically important funds for basic and clinical research related to understanding, treating and eventually conquering this widespread, debilitating and sometimes fatal disease.

Twenty-five million Americans have asthma. Approximately 12 million of those people do not have their asthma under control, and about 2.5 million have a type of severe asthma that is chronic and affects their day-to-day lives in ways many of us cannot imagine.

FTCA supports work at National Jewish Health, the nation's top institution for the research and treatment of asthma. We have broken ground with discoveries that impact and improve the lives of asthma patients around the world.

National Jewish Health is committed to educating the next generation of leaders in research and care. Through fellowships, lectures and publications, our faculty have provided knowledge for tens of thousands of professionals around the globe.

A Leader in Asthma Research and Care

National Jewish Health is the leading respiratory hospital in the nation holding the #1 or #2 ranking in pulmonology on the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals list for 24 years. We are the place in the United States where physicians refer the most difficult cases of asthma.

The institution has pioneered asthma research and treatment since it first emerged as a public health threat in the 1950s. We drew upon our expertise in the treatment of lung conditions to create the nation’s first large inpatient adult asthma service. In 1960, our scientists developed the first clinically useful method of diagnosing asthma.
Many of the most effective medications for asthma and allergies, including Advair®, Claritin® and Xolair®, have been introduced to the marketplace as a direct result of the clinical trial work performed at National Jewish Health. Today, we have the largest pulmonology division in the nation and more top-ranked pulmonologists than any other institution.

National Jewish Health physician-scientists are on the cutting edge of asthma research – studying the disease from all angles to improve understanding and discover new treatments for this complex and prevalent disease.