Join your friends and colleagues in supporting the groundbreaking research and care conducted at National Jewish Health. Take part in the National Jewish Health Breath of Life New York Golf Tournament. Founded as the Fund to Cure Asthma Golf Tournament, the extraordinary leadership of this event has helped raise more than $6 million for the hospital.

Robert E. Helpern
Tannenbaum Helpern
Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP  
Samuel B. Lewis
SBL Property Consultants, LLC     
Stephen B. Siegel
CBRE, Inc.
Nancy & James Berry Hill
Marjorie & Stephen Raphael

What the Event Supports

All funds raised will support National Jewish Health and our groundbreaking medical research and treatment for patients with lung, heart and immune-related conditions, including COVID-19 and asthma.

Research and Care at National Jewish Health

National Jewish Health is dedicated to the research and care of respiratory, cardiac and immune-related diseases. We focus on a precision medicine approach, and our innovative research is helping us identify the factors that influence a patient’s susceptibility to the diseases we treat. This strategic approach is leading to disease prevention, early and accurate diagnoses and targeted therapies.

COVID-19 Research and Post-Infection Care

With our unsurpassed expertise in the interplay of the lungs and immune system, and with our Respiratory Institute® partnerships across the country, we have taken a lead role in the global scientific community’s response to COVID-19 through research. We are also pioneering Post-COVID care for those whose infections have passed, but need ongoing support in recovery.

Asthma Care and Research

Our reputation and prowess is unrivaled when it comes to asthma. Our dedicated team of pulmonologists, allergists and immunologists are regarded as world experts on hard-to-treat cases and are focused on curing severe asthma. This event was originally established to support the National Jewish Health Fund to Cure Asthma by New Yorkers Nancy & James Berry Hill and Marjorie & Stephen Raphael in 1994.