Qualitative Fit Testing Device

With the enforcement of annual respirator fit testing for occupational exposure to tuberculosis, there are a large number of employees now requiring annual fit testing and training. National Jewish Health offers a more efficient and cost effective method of fit testing.


Respirator Fit Testing

Fast Fit DeviceNational Jewish Health has developed the Qualitative Fit Test Device (QFTD), a unique fit testing device that allows up to 6 people to be fit tested simultaneously - compared to the traditional method of testing one person at a time. In addition, the QFTD reduces the stress of the respirator fit technician's arm by eliminating the manual squeeze bulb. This device was approved by OSHA in May of 2000 and by California OSHA in November of 2000. By using this device, qualitative fit tests can be completed for more than 100 people in one day!


Cost Effective Solutions for Fit Testing

You can now lease the QFTDdevice on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. We can also provide you with the proper training and tools to assist your company:

  • Respirator Fit Testing Training CD
  • Written Respiratory Protection Programs

Complete Fit Testing Packages are available (to include fit test hoods, solution, etc.) upon request. Let us help you!


Other Fit Testing Services

Fast Fit Device TrainingAdditionally, we can provide the following on-site services:

  • Medical clearance for respirator use
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry 
  • Quantitative or qualitative respirator fit testing


To lease the device or receive more information regarding our services, please call 303-398-1539.