Food Allergy Program (Pediatric)

Allergic reactions to foods are caused by the immune system overreacting to a specific component of the provocative food. When these reactions occur in infants and young children, they can be especially frightening for the child and family.  

Research reiterates how disruptive food allergies can be to a family and child afflicted with this illness. We have found that families respond to focusing on how to function in the real world, and we work to give them tools to deal with schools, camps, relatives and potentially 'dangerous' situations. Our families leave well-educated about food allergies and with resources that will be beneficial throughout the life of the allergy.

The Pediatric Food Allergy Diagnosis and Management Program brings together a team of highly-skilled physicians, nurses, dietitians and psychosocial clinicians. Patients evaluated at National Jewish Health benefit from a comprehensive team approach, designed to provide accurate diagnosis, individualized treatment and in-depth education to address the specific needs and goals of each patient. We provide outpatient consultations or inpatient care as needed to accomplish these goals.



Once a thorough history and physical examination are completed, evaluation and services may include:

  • Allergen skin testing and laboratory testing

  • Nutritional evaluation and dietary consultation, including elimination diets

  • Food challenges

  • Evaluation for other allergic conditions, including eczema (atopic dermatitis), allergic rhinitis and asthma

  • Eosinophilic esophagitis may be identified, and another treatment program may be suggested

  • Development and maintenance of a treatment plan

  • Patient education and support

  • Psychosocial interface to assess best ways to deal with difficulties occurring due to food allergies

  • Follow-up visits to address the changing needs of the patient

  • Development of a partnership, including the patient and family, primary care provider and the Food Allergy Diagnosis and Management team


Clinical Trials

Link Between Eczema & Food Allergies in Newborns

Are you pregnant? Do you have a family history of allergic disease (asthma, eczema, environmental allergies, hay fever, etc.)? You may be able to help our researchers determine if your child and others are at risk of developing eczema and food allergies.

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A food allergy miracle

By the time Jack Littauer was four, he had already been rushed to the hospital four times for allergic reactions to food, once landing in the intensive care unit. By the time Jack and his family left National Jewish Health, the Littauers felt like a cloud had been lifted.

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