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My name is Dana Delaney and I am also very excited to be half of the new fine arts teaching team. I taught K-1 here for 20 years, so I already know what a great school this is! I will be at Morgridge Academy each Wednesday, Thursday and every other Friday. I am greatly enjoying the new experience of sharing this position with Karen Chapman, a dear friend of mine for many years. My favorite memories with her are of hiking together: One in the early-morning dew amongst wildflowers near Boulder, and the other when we were sitting down in a field waiting to see some awesome yellow-chested birds that kept flying nearby.

Since I left teaching here at National Jewish, I taught at my own little school in Park Hill, at Hillcrest Academy, and at Horizon High School. I grew up painting and drawing alongside my father and grandfather who were both artists. I had jobs singing and playing the guitar in different hotels and restaurants in the US Virgin Islands when I was in high school, and I still write and perform music today. The photo I included is of me and my husband on a 2-day, 28 mile hike from Crested Butte to Aspen.

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