High-Throughput Assay for the Identification of Drugs Targeting the NF-kB Pathway

Tech ID: 02-05


Researchers at National Jewish Health have developed a microscopy-based visual assay to measure the antigen-receptor activation of an intermediate molecule located upstream of NF-kB


Potential Applications

Identification of compounds as potential agents against inflammatory diseases, immune diseases and cancer


Advantages of Invention

The assay targets Bcl10, a specific intermediate protein of the NF- kB pathway, and it is compatible with epifluorescence/confocal microscopy


State of Development

Using cell lines developed in-house, National Jewish Health scientists have demonstrated that T cell receptor activation of NF-kB involves the dynamic relocalization of the signaling intermediate Bcl10. This protein movement can be visualized by confocal or epifluorescence microscopy using a fluorescent marker (such as GFP) or antibodies.



  • Schaefer, B. C., John W. Kappler, Abraham Kupfar, and Philippa Marrack. "Complex and Dynamic Redistribution of NF- B Signaling Intermediates in Response to T Cell Receptor Stimulation." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101.4 (2004): 1004-009. Print. PMID: 14724296.


Patent Status
Issued U.S. Patent #7,169,570


Brian Schaefer, PhD, Philippa Marrack, PhD and John Kappler, PhD


Licensing Status - This technology is available for licensing.


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