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We are a multidisciplinary team focused on the detection, treatment and prevention of pulmonary diseases that are primarily a result of occupational/environmental exposures. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with a broad range of occupational/environmental and granulomatous lung diseases.

We also work with employees, unions, industry, government and others to provide exposure assessment, medical surveillance, respirator fit programs and education to ultimately reduce and prevent occupational and environmental illnesses.

With more than 25 years of experience, our division is recognized internationally for its comprehensive clinical, research and educational programs in occupational and environmental lung diseases.

We have a number of research programs. Specifically, we define the clinical presentation of new and already known occupational and environmental lung diseases, their natural history and the exposures, as well as clinical, genetic and other risk factors and inflammatory/immunologic mechanisms that lead to these occupational/environmental and other granulomatous lung diseases.

Our Specialists

  • Silpa Krefft
    Silpa Krefft, MD
  • Nabeel Y. Hamzeh
    Nabeel Y. Hamzeh, MD, FCCP

Clinical Trials

Normal Controls Needed for Study of Deployment Lung Disease Breathing Test

The purpose of this study is to learn more about new noninvasive ways of detecting lung disease in US military personnel who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be conducting a simple breathing test call a lung clearance index (LCI) test.  We hope this LCI testing may be useful in detecting early lung abnormalities that may be seen in deployers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. We are recruiting adults with no history of pre-existing lung disease (for example, asthma, COPD, etc.) and no history of previous deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan to be the normal group that will be compared to participants with known deployment-related lung disease.

Participation involves one 45-60 minute testing session in which you will complete the lung clearance index (LCI) test at National Jewish Health.

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  • The leading respiratory hospital in the nation and the only one devoted fully to the treatment of respiratory and related illnesses
  • Ranked as one of the top two hospitals in pulmonology every year since U.S. News & World Report included this category in its annual “Best Hospitals” survey
  • Ranked in the top 1 percent of hospitals in the nation by HCAHPS
  • Physicians frequently recognized as among the best in the nation by multiple services, including Best Doctors in America and Castle Connolly
  • Among the top 8 percent of organizations funded for research by the NIH, providing patients access to the latest clinical trials
  • 118-year history of focus on care, research and education serving thousands of patients with lung, heart, immune and related disorders


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