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Technology Listing:

CBX7 and MEK2: New Targets for Steroid Resistant Asthma - 18-05

Novel Inhibitors of DksA Effective Against Gram-Negative Bacteria - 18-03

Targeting CYP11A1 in the Steroidogenic Pathway For Treating Allergic Diseases - 11-17

B Cells Desensitization with an Anti-CD79 Antibody: Therapeutic Approach for Autoimmune Diseases - 11-15 in vivo data available

PTPN13: A Novel Target for the Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosis - 11-09 in vivo data available

PIM 1 Kinase Inhibition for the Treatment of Allergic Diseases - 11-06 in vivo data available

Novel Adjuvant for Increasing Effectiveness of Vaccines - 10-13 in vivo data available

A p60 Polypeptide Variant Stimulates NK Cells and Reduces Tumor Size In Vivo - 10-08 in vivo data available

Anti CD19/CD11c Bi-Specific Antibodies Target a Subset of B Cells to Treat Autoimmune Diseases - 09-03 in vivo data available

Novel TLR Inhibitors Prevent Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Vivo - 07-07 in vivo data available

MAGP-2: An extracellular factor shown to have pro-angiogenic properties - 06-05 in vivo data available

Sulfasalazine as a Treatment for Sarcoidosis - Results of a Clinical Pilot Study - 04-09

Method to prevent biofilm formation in various clinical settings (contact lenses, wounds, cystic fibrosis, etc.) - 04-08 in vivo data available

Modulating the transport of thiol-containing molecules for the treatment of lung disease and cancer - 02-16 in vivo data available

Liposomal clodronate as a therapy for autoimmune hemolytic anemia - 02-07 in vivo data available

High-throughput cell based assay for the identification of drugs targeting the NF- kB signaling pathway - 02- 05

TALL-1 and its Receptor BCMA: Molecular Targets for the Development of Therapies Against Autoimmune Diseases - 02-01

Aerosolized Anti-Human CD3 Antibodies Decrease Airway Hyperresponsiveness in Non- Human Primates - 01-01 in vivo data available

Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide For The Reduction Of Allergen-Induced Airway Hyperresponsiveness - 00-14 in vivo data available

Peptides Offer Strategies for Novel Immunosuppressants and Anti-Herpes Agents - 96-02



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