Request to Cede to another IRB

The National Jewish Health IRB currently only has a process to cede to the University Of Colorado Multiple IRB (COMIRB), but we are working on mechanisms to allow our IRB to cede to other IRBs.

The following documents must be included in all applications for Secondary IRB Review of research reviewed by COMIRB:

If the study is ongoing, also provide:

  • The most recently approved protocol, consent form, recruitment approvals, etc.
  • The most recently approved notice of COMIRB Continuing Review approval

The following documents must be included, as appropriate, when collecting health information from subjects seen at National Jewish Health or from National Jewish Health records.

The following document must be submitted if accessing the National Jewish Health Research Database, Biobank, or ILD Repository.

Number of copies:

Submit the signed original and one (1) complete copy of all materials.