Through regulations and common sense, involvement of persons considering participation in a clinical trial begins with his or her obtaining information on a specific clinical trial for which he or she may be eligible. The sponsor, the principal investigator, the study coordinator, and the IRB are all involved in the recruitment process.

All recruitment materials and practices must be reviewed and approved by the IRB (advertisements, World Wide websites, medical records, databases, newsletter, letters, referrals, etc.) prior to initiating any recruitment. The IRB will assess whether the recruitment process promotes voluntary participation and is not coercive.

Advertisement Submission form (updated 08 Aug 2011)
List Clinical Research Online (for posting a study on the NJH website, updated 12 Sep 2017)
NJH Social Media Guidance (posted 01 Jun 2011)

National Jewish Health Branding Guidelines

To ensure that research recruitment materials meet the Branding Guidelines established for National Jewish Health, the Design Studio has provided templates for you to customize. These templates were created in Word, are easy to use, and meet the Branding Guidelines. The templates are shown with text in place so you can see what completed documents may look like. To use these materials, just click on the text and replace with your own copy and photo.

The banner at the top is a permanent feature and contains the correct usage of our logo. The use of clip art is discouraged in National Jewish Health materials.

National Jewish Health employees may access templates on the Public Affairs & Design Studio page on the intranet. Others may request templates by contacting the Design Studio at 303.398.1798 or the NJH IRB at 303.398.1477.