The National Jewish Health IRB is pleased to introduce a newsletter to serve as an additional communication tool. The newsletter is published nearly every month.


Archived Issues

April 2014 (Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories, double-sided copies)
February 2014 (pager transition, research manager meetings, clinical care vs research).
November 2013 (imaging research, right to restrict disclosures, new research meetings)
September 2013 (material transfer agreements, site monitors’ access to the EMR)
August 2013 (revised consent/authorization template, new HIP-024R form)
July 2013 (researchers who are not NJH employees, mid-year metrics)
June 2013 (treatment uses, waiver of documentation of informed consent)
April 2013 (CTRC submissions, "practicability")
March 2013 (omnibus rule overview, medical release form template)
January 2013 (clarification of research terms)
December 2012 (COI disclosures, subject dropouts)
November 2012 (Waivers of Informed Consent)
September 2012 (Number of copies, protocol exceptions, recruitment)
July 2012 (recruiting new patients, new informed consent templates)
May 2012 (Honest Broker system, data security)
April 2012 (Updated fee schedule, FDA Continuing Review guidance)
March 2012 (Guidance on the new FDA informed consent requirement)
February 2012 (Research remuneration is taxable, updates on COMIRB and HealthONE IRB)
January 2012 (Calculating screening & enrollment)
November 2011 (Library services, advertising text)
October 2011 (Education available, Letter of Assurance)
August 2011 (Changes to risk level)
July 2011 (Continuing review by expedited process, reminders about submissions and IGRs)
June 2011 (New HealthONE submission instructions, clinical trials listings, recruitment)
May 2011 (Review of HIPAA submissions)
No newsletters were posted in March or April, 2011
February 2011 (Recruitment)
January 2011 (National Jewish Health Research Database)
December 2010 (Working with Other IRBs)
November 2010 (National Jewish Health branding standards)
October 2010 (HIPAA training requirements & subjects' perspectives on informed consent)
September 2010  (HIPAA)
July/August 2010 (HIPAA training requirements and forms revisions)