The Childhood Asthma Management Program is a National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute sponsored research program designed to evaluate the effect of three different treatment strategies on lung growth. It is the most comprehensive study presently being conducted in childhood asthma. 

The project began in 1992 with the identification of eight study centers and a Coordinating Center. National Jewish Health is one of the eight study sites. The Principal Investigator at National Jewish Health is Stanley J. Szefler, MD.

Subjects between age 5 through 12 were enrolled in the study and have been followed since enrollment began in 1993. The initial treatment phase ended in 1999, was followed by a wash-out phase and is now in a continuation open cohort study phase. The subjects are now followed to assess the effect of treatment on lung and body growth. The National Jewish site is particularly interested in mechanisms of asthma progression as defined by loss in pulmonary function over time.

If you were previously or are currently enrolled in CAMP please contact us at 303-270-2267 or 1-800-423-8891 x 2267. 

To contact Dr. Szefler about this program, call 303-398-1193.