Shaikh Muhammad Atif, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Role of mononuclear phagocytes in transplant rejection and cancer immunology.
  • Examining T cell memory immune responses imprinted by pulmonary DCs and monocytes.



Sophie L. Gibbings

Lab Research Assistant IV

  • Characterization of pulmonary interstitial macrophages in steady state and during inflammation (Mouse and Human models).
  • Ontogeny of pulmonary interstitial macrophages.
  • Characterization human lung dendritic cells.


Sandy Larson

Graduate Student

  • Efferocytosis and cross-presentation of cell associated antigens by monocytes.



Past Members

Ashley N Desch, Ph.D

(Graduate student, Jakubzick/Peter Henson)
Currently, postdoctoral fellow at Broad Institute and
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA



Rajni Goyal, Ph.D

(Postdoctoral fellow, Jakubzick)
Postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University, MI




Miglena Prabagar, Ph.D

(Postdoctoral fellow, Jakubzick)