Dr. Martin is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine.  His research is basic, translational and clinical, with a focus on airway inflammation in asthma and COPD. 

The clinical lab’s mission is to develop novel treatments for asthma and COPD. The translational aspect is to obtain human lung tissue samples for understanding the pathobiology of asthma and COPD. The basic lab includes mouse trials with interaction between allergen and infection as well as smoke and infection.  These unique features allow research to go from the bench to the bedside with regard to asthma and COPD.


Lab Resources and Services

Dr. Martin’s clinical lab is on the 2nd floor of Goodman and the basic lab is on the 6th floor of the Smith building. Learn more.


Current Projects





Thaikoottathil JV, Martin RJ, Zdunek J, Weinberger A, Rino JG, Chu HW.  Cigarette smoke extract reduces VEGF in primary human airway epithelial cells. Eur Respir J 33:835-843, 2009. Abstract

Ge XN, Chu HW, Minor MN, Case SR, Bosch DG, Martin RJ.  Roflumilast Increases Clara Cell Secretory Protein in Cigarette Smoke-Exposed Mice.  J COPD 6:185-191, 2009. Abstract

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