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Anthony Gerber, MD, PhD

Faculty Profile

Anthony N. Gerber, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator



University of California, San Francisco  Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship, 2001-2005
University of California, San Francisco Internal medicine resident 1998-2001
University of Washington, MD, PhD, 1998
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, 1990


Dr. Anthony N. Gerber completed MD and PhD degrees at the University of Washington and post-graduate medical training in pulmonary and critical care medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. His clinical interests are cough and obstructive lung disease. Complementing this clinical interest, Dr. Gerber's research program is focused on uncovering the molecular mechanisms whereby glucocorticoids, a major therapy for treating obstructive lung disease, exert their clinical effects.


Sarah Sasse, PhD


Sarah Sasse, PhD

Staff Research Faculty Member



University of Colorado, Boulder, PhD, Psychology and Neuroscience, 2009;
University of Colorado, Boulder, MA, Psychology, 2006;
University of Colorado, Boulder, BA, Psychology 2002


Sarah Sasse graduated with a PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience in 2009 and began her postdoctoral fellowship in the new laboratory of Dr. Anthony Gerber several months thereafter.  While much of her graduate work involved exploring the neural circuitry and biochemical mechanisms underlying the initiation, adaptation, and modification of endogenous glucocorticoid-mediated stress responses, Sarah is now using the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) as a tool for identifying genes and elucidating their specific roles in mediating therapeutic effects in airway smooth muscle, a key target of structural and functional pathology in asthma.  Current projects include: 1) exploring the temporal dynamics of the GR-regulated transcriptome through quantifying GR-induced changes in nascent transcription rates, and 2) studying the role of the GR target gene, Klf15, in airway function and as a downstream mediator of the GR response in vivo using smooth muscle-specific knockout and transgenic mice.


Vaneela Kadiyala, PhD


Vineela Kadiyala, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Nagarjuna University, India, Bachelor of Pharmacy, 2003
University of Arizona, Tucson, PhD, Chemistry, 2013


Vineela graduated with her PhD in Chemistry and her graduate work involved elucidating the role of class I lysine deacetylases in the transcriptional activation of the glucocorticoid receptor. When she joined the Gerber lab in 2014 as a postdoctoral research fellow, she continued her work with the GR. Her research is focused on understanding the mechanisms involved in the negative feedback control of inflammation in particular the context-dependent co-operation between GR and NFkB.



Christina Mailloux, PhD

Christina Mailloux

Current Position: Director of Clinical Affairs at Iverson Genetics 2012-current: Post-doctoral Fellow

Serena Cordova

Kiriko Masuno

Current position: 4th year medical student, Dartmouth
2007-2009: Research Associate

Serena Cordova

Omar Altonsy

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow, Calgary
Previous: Associate instructor, Sohag University, Egypt
2012-2014: Post-doctoral Fellow