Hong Wei Chu, MD Lab (Section Head)

The Chu lab's mission is to understand the mechanisms of airway bacterial infections in patients with asthma or COPD, and to discover novel therapeutic approaches to restore host defense functions. Learn more.


Carl and Hazel Felt Laboratory for Pulmonary Research

Established in 1988, the mission of the Carl and Hazel Felt lab for Pulmonary Research is to advance the understanding of asthma and chronic bronchitis/COPD pathogenesis, including the study of new and current therapies. Learn more.


Richard Martin, MD Lab

The clinical lab’s mission is to develop novel treatments for asthma and COPD. Learn more.

Russell P. Bowler, MD, PhD Lab

The mission of our lab is to understand the mechanisms of how cigarette smoke leads to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Learn more.


Anthony Gerber, MD, PhD Lab

The Gerber lab seeks to bridge the gap between the basic science of glucocorticoid receptor (GR) biology, and clinical therapeutics in pulmonary disease. Learn more.


Dennis Voelker, PhD Lab

The Voelker lab conducts basic research examining the cell and molecular biology of lipids related to the problems of membrane and organelle biogenesis in eukaryotic cells. Learn more.

Brian Day, PhD, Lab

The Day lab is interested in the role of oxidative stress in lung disease and antioxidant adaptive responses that the lung uses to prevent oxidative stress. Learn more.


Jerry Nick, MD Lab

The principal basic science interest of the group is the regulation of neutrophil response via intracellular signaling pathways. Learn more.