Allergy & Clinical Immunology

Our Division has research labs housing a number of investigators with diverse research interests. The division faculty members conduct a variety of clinical trials involving allergic, asthma and immunologic diseases. These studies are done at the Weinberg Clinical Research Unit.

The lab of Rafeul Alam, MD, PhD, is involved in understanding the mechanism of activation of cells involved in allergic and immunologic diseases. This lab utilizes molecular, cellular and animal model approaches to understand the mechanism of asthma, eosinophilic disorders and immunodeficiency. The knowledge gained from these studies is then applied to patient samples for further validation.

The lab of Hua Huang, MD, PhD, studies the mechanism by which an allergic response is initiated and maintained. The objective is to understand the regulation of genes that control an allergic immune response. The lab also examines how cells that are specific for allergic diseases are generated in the body.

The lab of Magdalena M. Gorska, MD, studies the mechanism of activation of cells in the immune system. These studies will help explain certain forms of immunodeficiency.

The research of Rohit Katial, MD, is focused on the mechanism of aspirin sensitivity, aspirin desensitization and immunotherapy. Dr. Katial is director of the adult section and has participated in numerous clinical research trials over the last 15 years including:

  • early and late phase asthma trials
  • rhinitis and immunotherapy
  • development of biologics for asthma
  • studies involving sinusitis

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